Feed The Resistance: Peach & Prosciutto Sandwich is paired with Little Sister from Door County Brewing!

It’s not often that what I cook is inspired by politics – but I just had to make a “Peach Tree Dish” after hearing the recent comment about food grown in “peach tree dishes” (petri dishes).  Just coincidentally, the June/July issue of bon appétit magazine is “The Summer Issue” – with lots of great summertime recipe ideas, including one for a Peach and Prosciutto Sandwich!

The sandwich is simple enough – less than 10 ingredients, and mostly stuff that you’ll easily find in any grocery store…peaches and prosciutto (obviously), red wine vineger, cheddar cheese, basil…and then one thing that I had never heard of – “Chili Crisp.”  In an article a couple of months back, bon appétit describes chili crisp as an oil infused with dried red chiles, roasted and salted soybeans or peanuts, and dried onion or shallot.  The chili crisp added a great spice to the sandwich!

To pair with the sandwich, Dee chose Door County Brewing Company’s “Little Sister” witbier, figuring that the spices in the beer would go great with the spice of the sandwich.