Feed The Resistance: Smoked Turkey Gumbo is paired with “Splitty Open Road” Amber Ale from Hinterland!

Well we all watch episodes of Big Bang Theory over and over and over again, so I figure I can repeat a recipe from time to time.  I made this particular recipe earlier this year for Mardi Gras, and mentioned at the time that it’s what my wife and I always serve for “Friends-Giving.”  The recipe for Smoked Turkey Gumbo came from an ad that I saw in Gourmet magazine several years ago.  The ad featured the actor, Faith Ford, who grew up in Louisiana – she says this is her aunt’s recipe, and that she makes it every year with leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

Last time around, Dee paired the gumbo with a Mardi-Gras themed beer from Louisiana, this time she stayed close to home and grabbed a beer from Hinterland Brewery in Green Bay – “Splitty Open Road” Amber Ale.  In both cases, the beer went extremely well with the gumbo.

I tried to zoom in on the recipe a bit – so hopefully you can read it…