Feed The Resistance: Thanksgiving Tater-Tot Casserole!

With Thanksgiving just under a week away, I had to make something turkey-related, and my wife found this recipe for Turkey Tater-Tot Casserole!  We’re actually kind of new to the whole “tater-tot casserole” thing, having only tried it once before…but when we did try it, we LOVED it!  So, we thought we’d try a little different variation.  This one has ground turkey instead of ground beef, and a pretty good amount of sautéed mushrooms, which I love!

To go with the Turkey Tater-Tot Casserole…CRANBERRIES…of course!  Dee brought in a Cranberry Gose from Third Space Brewing in Milwaukee.  In the end, we decided that we liked the way the flavors worked together, but  the sourness of the beer was a bit weird with the casserole.