Feed The Resistance: Three Cup Chicken is paired with “No, Yeah” beer from Bell’s!


A few weeks back, the marquee outside the Majestic Theater read “Eat the 3 Cup Chicken at Natt Spil…#buylocal.”  So, of course I had to try the 3 cup chicken at Natt Spil…and it was good (really good).  And so I had to find a recipe and try to make it myself.  The recipe I found that seemed to be pretty authentic called for “Shaoxing Wine” – which I tried desperately to find at several grocery and liquor stores…and failed.  Finally, just the other day, someone suggested that I try an Asian market, which is where I found “Shao Xing” (2-words, as opposed to the 1-word in the recipe) wine!  I paid $2.09 for a 25.3 ounce bottle – so, NO this is not a wine that you want to drink.  It’s a cooking wine!

In my research, I learned that the “3-cup” part of this was not to be taken literally – “3-cup” refers to the 3 equal parts of sesame oil, soy sauce and Shao Xing wine, which is what makes up the sauce for the chicken.

Since we were going international with the food today…Dee paired it with a good Midwestern beer, from Bell’s in Michigan – “No, Yeah!”  Not only does it have a name that totally screams “Midwest” – there are a bunch of fantastic Midwestern sayings printed on the can – “Just gonna sneak past ya”…”Ope, ‘scuse me”…”Yeah No, For Sure”…”Watch out for Deer”…”Ope, Sorry” and more!  The beer is described as “Just a really nice beer.”