Feed The Resistance: Spicy Lasagna is paired with “Gier Bier” from Mob Craft!


Veterans Day was yesterday, and in honor of that, a couple of great local organizations – The River Food Pantry and Lasagna Love, have been teaming up all this week to deliver home-made lasagna to area veterans!  In honor of that – I made lasagna today, and invited  Lisa Fischer from Lasagna Love and Rhonda Adams from The River to join us for a little beer and lasagna!  What I made today was a little bit of a twist on your traditional lasagna – the original recipe is Harissa-Lamb Skillet Lasagna…but I made it with pork, instead of lamb.  This recipe calls for a lot of the same stuff that you’ll find in a traditional lasagna – meat, cheese, sauce & lasagna noodles, but instead of neatly layering all of that stuff in a pan, it all gets mixed up in a skillet and cooked on the stove-top.

The harissa adds a bit of a spice to the meal, so I gave Dee a little bit of a challenge in pairing this one.  In the end she picked “Gier Bier” from Mob-Craft – which is included in this year’s Mob Craft Advent Calendar (but I’m not gonna tell you what day it is – you’ll have to discover that for yourself).

BTW – The River Food Pantry is in the middle of their HOPE Holiday Food Drive.  In this case, “HOPE” stands for “Help Other People Eat”…and now through November 15, when you give HOPE, a generous donor has offered to match all donations up to $25,000!  Donate here!